Brian Pierce (captain_slinky) wrote in disneyland,
Brian Pierce

Disneyland’s Matterhorn, Space Mountain, Soarin’ Closed Indefinitely Due to OSHA Citation

You guys all read this, right? After FIFTY YEARS, in a scene reminiscent to the "Shut It All Down" scene from Ghostbustrs, the folks at OSHA decided that the lack of secondary back-up hand rails on back-stage areas that went over heigts of more than 30 inches. The inspection was prompted by an accident last November where an outside contractor (hired to clean The Matterhorn) slipped and suffered from what were reportedly "Slight Injuries".

Let that sink in. Back stage (no guests are at risk). Fifty Years. One "slight" accident 5 months ago. Th situation wasn't severe enough to get the inspectors there for almost half a year, but it IS severe enough to force the immediate and indefinite closure of three major attractions right in the middle of the busiest Spring Break season.

Sounds like SOMEBODY forgot to grease I few palms down at the OSHA offices, or maybe somebody had an axe to grind?
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