Brian Pierce (captain_slinky) wrote in disneyland,
Brian Pierce


As promised, here are the Top 5 Things That Make TOMORROWLAND awesome, scientifically calculated via the comments on the original post which can be found by clicking here if you don't believe me!


AUTOPIA! Something about standing in line and huffing gas fumes for a half-hour before getting in to a little car just makes driving SO MUCH FUN!


CAPTAIN EO! My daughter's absolute FAVORITE SHOW in all of Disneyland! If you've got a good audience and a good cast member running the show, this becomes an epic audience participation event along the lines of The Rocky Horror Picture Show!


REDD ROCKET'S PIZZA PORT! The one restaurant in all of Disneyland where EVERYBODY in the family can find something they want!


STAR TOURS! The best non-Disney thing in the park that ever became a Disney Thing!


SPACE MOUNTAIN! The biggest and best "Weenie" in all of Tomorrowland!
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Space Mountain is my worst enemy. On my FIRST trip to Disneyland, it was (thankfully) being refurbished. Second time I went was with a group of friends who used my sci-fi Nerdosity against me to get me on the ride. All I remember is admiring some of the cue line art, then suddenly I felt like my glasses were going to fly off my face into the darkness as I was being tossed around, then I was leaving a trail of knocked-over old ladies and crying children in my wake as I rushed through th crowd looking to get as far away from the ride as possible.

I'm not a big "Thrill Ride" fan...
Ok, I know that if I didn't vote I shouldn't complain, but Autopia made the list? Really? I'm not a fan. It smells and it gives me a headache and the line is too long. There are so many things I would have pt above Autopia. Star Wars Training Academy, Astro Blasters, Astro Orbiters (love the view!), the broccoli! So many other things.
I think it has a lot to do with pure nostalgia - it was an Opening Day Attraction after all!
Redd Rocket's, seriously? Worst pizza on earth!
It may be The Worst Pizza On Earth, but it's the Best Pizza In Disneyland ;P

(Also, I've had worse. Much, MUCH worse. You wouldn't believe the horrors this fat-man has seen in his greatest hours of desperation).