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Captain Kidd's All-You-Can-Keep-Down $8.99 Buffet COUPON?!?!?

As I was obsessive-compulsively dream-planning our next trip to Disneyland (end of January, fingers crossed!!!), I found myself internet-tripping over to the Captain Kidd's All-You-Can-Eat $8.99 Buffet website.

If you are not familiar with Captain Kidd's Buffet, congratulations! Strategically located *directly* across from the S. Harbor Main Gate Entrance to Disneyland, their giant 2-story "ALL YOU CAN EAT FOR $8.99" sign draws in frugal tourists who were weary of the $12 cheeseburgers found inside the park. For the price of a half-cup of crushed ice inside Disneyland (approximate cost), you can feed the whole family!

Yeah, but you get to feed your family *this*:

It's like all the people who were ever fired from working at a school cafeteria or in a prison kitchen all said "FINE! Take your high standards and your moral superiority and your unwilling-to-use-horse-meat ways and SHOVE THEM! We're opening a buffet at DISNEYLAND!"

We ate there once - ONCE. From the slightly-above-room-temperature Sushi to the dollar-store breaded "Chick'n" patties, it was just terrible. That night and the following morning I experienced some of the most perilous bowel movements of my entire life - and that's saying quite a lot!

So anywho, back to the reason I originally decided to make this post. As I was looking at the Captain Kidd's All-You-Can-Eat $8.99 Buffet Website, I noticed a link for COUPONS!

Despite the giant $8.99 sign outside, they actually have different prices for different times of the day. Breakfast is actually $8.69, "Lunch" till 4pm is $9.29 and then after 4pm is $10.29... but with the COUPON, you can get BREAKFAST for just $7.99!!!

Not sure who was behind that, which tourists they polled to come to the conclusion that what would really improve the public view of their slop is a 70-cent discount - "Well sure the Noodles With Slices Of American Cheese Melted On Top looks good, and the idea of eating as much Jello as I like for breakfast sounds like heaven, and I do love me some stale baked french fries with fish sticks... but isn't 8 bucks kind of pricey? Now, if there was a coupon that made it, say... $7.50 instead of 8 bucks? NOW we're TALKIN'!"
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