Ti (handinhand98d) wrote in disneyland,

Before Christmas/After New Year's

So I'm thinking of doing a trip to Disneyland either the week before Christmas or a few days after New Year's Day. Either way I am determined to make it down there to see what the park looks like for Christmas. Just wondering though how busy the park and DCA get the week before Christmas (Dec 20-21) or right after New Year's (Jan 3-5)? At the moment I know for sure that I will be going Jan 3-5, but may be able to also go Dec 20-21 if my boyfriend decides not to go to SF for the 49ers/Steelers game. Never been to the park around these two holidays before so I'm just curious as to how packed the parks will be during that time.

I know last year when a friend of mine went on Christmas Day and the day after they had to suspend ticket sales and entrance into the park for a while because it was at capacity. Pretty sure my friend had said that on Christmas Day it took nearly two hours before they started letting people back into both parks. To be honest that's the first time I have ever heard of that happening and thought she was just making it up until I watched the news later that night and they showed clips from Disneyland about how packed it was during the day. Really want to avoid going on an overcrowded day if it's possible at all during those dates.
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